11/2023 – Global SOCAT workshop, Ostend, Belgium. Report

08/2017 – SOCAT Update and Road Ahead at the 10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, Interlaken, Switzerland. REPORT and presentations on SOCAT update, data upload, metadata automationMEMENTO, quality control, alternative sensors and atmospheric CO2.

09/2015SOCAT/SOCOM event and release of SOCATv3 at the SOLAS Open Science Conference in Kiel, Germany. REPORT

01/2015 – SOCAT meeting at the final CARBOCHANGE meeting, Bergen, Norway

10/2014 – SOCAT automation meeting at NOAA/PMEL, Seattle, USA. REPORT

06/2014 – SOCAT community event at the IMBER Open Science Conference, Bergen, Norway. REPORT

06/2013 – SOCAT Release of Version 2 and Science Highlights, side event at ICDC9, Beijing, China. REPORT

10/2012 – SOCAT Coastal and Artic quality control workshop at NOAA/PMEL, Seattle. REPORT

07/2012– SOCAT planning meeting for quality controlling SOCAT version 2 was held in Tsukuba, Japan. REPORT

05/2012 – SOCAT automation meeting was held in Seattle, USA. REPORT

09/2011 – SOCAT public release and SOCAT automation meeting was held at UNESCO in Paris, France. REPORT

06/2010 – SOCAT Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean regional workshop was held in Hobart, Australia.

02/2010 – SOCAT Equatorial Pacific, North Pacific, and Indian Ocean regional workshop was held in Tokyo, Japan. REPORT

06/2009 – SOCAT Atlantic and Southern Ocean regional workshop was held at UEA in Norwich, UK.  REPORT

03/2009 – SOCAT Pacific regional workshop was held at NIES in Tsukuba, Japan. REPORT

01/2009 – SOCAT coastal regional workshop was held at IFM/GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany. REPORT

06/2008 – Second technical meeting was held at UNESCO, Paris. REPORT

12/2007 – First technical meeting was held in Bremen, Germany REPORT

04/2007 – At the “Surface Ocean CO2 Variability and Vulnerability” (SOCOVV) workshop at UNESCO, Paris. Participants agreed to establish a global surface CO2 data set that brings together all publicly available data in a common format. SOCAT was initialized and regional groups established. REPORT